YUI dependencies (2.6.0)

Check the YUI components from the list in the left pane, yellow are JavaScript, green are stylesheets, select the options from above and click on the button below

This utility creates an instance of the YUI Loader and lists all the modules from the loader internal tables to the left. When you press the Go button below, it sets the loader with all the options given and then it almost reaches the point when it would actually load the modules requested. At that point, the utility just skips the very final step and simply lists the inclusions it was about to add to the page for the requested modules in the very same order it would have done it

The result is the same as if you would have used the YUI Loader so, why don't you use the YUI Loader!

If any error is found (missing or out of order dependency), please report to SourceForge

General Options
with logging
include optionals
use rolled up versions

root path to sources