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Inline Cell Editing

This example demonstrates basic inline cell editing features, as well as more complex customizations, such as input validation and click-to-save interactions.

It has been modified to show how to handle keyboard navigation in between cell editors

It responds to the tab key and shift-tab. It will also respond to arrow keys, except in the textarea editor and to left and right arrows in the textbox editor.

It will keep the full editor window visible, scrolling it into view as needed.

Work in progress, suggestions are welcome.

A very welcome suggestion:

Matt Parker has improved on this idea by adding a method allowMoveCellWhileEdit to the cell editors that tell whether a particular keystroke should allow moving to other cell editor. In my example, I allowed it for all editors but Textareas. Matt's code allows a far better control on what is allowed for each cell editor. It is all in one package with his Column Chooser, which can be enabled separately.

Matt Parker's code at GitHub