Carry Propagation

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In the last page, we have left the carry lever in the 'warned' state, that is, the bottom figure wheel has crossed from 9 to 0, so a carry is due in the wheel right above it.

While detecting the carry, the lever was in such a position that the curved arm could be engaged by any of the four decade teeth, but the upper forked arm did not engage the upper wheel.  At that time, the upper wheel would be receiving its own addition so it has to be left free to do so. 

Of course, there are other carry levers, not shown,  both above and below the one shown, detecting and processing the carries of each digit to the next.

CarryListo.gif (23409 bytes)

After the addition happens, the carry arm moves vertically so that both arms can engage the two wheels, the curved arm is still at the height of the decade teeth, while the upper forked arm is at the height of the units teeth of the figure wheel above, just as can be seen in the static image above.

Carry.gif (128949 bytes)

Now, we change the point of view looking almost from above towards the same carry lever.  Another device can be seen to the left, in blue.  It is the carry drive arm.  There is one for each carry lever and they are the ones that move the carry arms if they have detected a carry.

The sequence starts when the sector wheels (in magenta) are adding a number to the figure wheels in yellow.  At some point, the green carry lever is pushed by the bottom figure wheel.  The sector and figure wheels then stop, since the addition phase is finished, and the sector wheel moves half way up so it disengages from the receiving figure wheels, as mentioned in Restoring the Values.  

The carry lever also moves to its new position and at some point, the carry drive starts turning and the arm hits the carry lever, making it turn a little bit more.   Since at this point, the upper forked arm is engaged with the upper figure wheel, it carries it along one unit.

To finish the cycle, which is not shown here, the carry drive makes a full turn until it comes back to its resting position.  The carry lever also moves up so it disengages from all wheels and is pushed to its 'unwarned' original position.

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